Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hong Kong hotels are well located near prominent business centers

The extravagant look, feel and colorful cosmopolitan personality of the city have capability to impress anyone. Even, I have been very much impressed with the warmness in terms of life style and hospitality of the city. As a true hardcore tourist, if want to explore the real face of the Hong Kong then you must forget the air-conditioned mall and hotels and move towards the streets where Hong Kong lives in pulsating throbbing spirit with jubilance. Mong Kok market may be an ideal place to feel the real blend of the Hong Kong. This wonderful place offers a lot of mesmerizing attractions to the travelers such as nature kaleidoscope walk, architecture walk, efficient transport facility, incredible skyscrapers and museums as well. Hong Kong hotels are perfectly located near the prominent tourism spots and business centers. These hotels are globally known for its luxurious quality services. In spite of being a very important tourist spot, one can find here accommodation in wide ranges. Especially, online hotel booking facility may provide you lucrative packages and deals

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hong Kong hotels made the trip memorable

One day, I was simply trying to entertain myself in leisure hour and all of a sudden I knew the literally translation of Hong kong i.e “fragrant harbour”. It was quite astonishing for me. My curiosity developed from this time onwards and later I discovered a many interesting facts regarding this place. Eventually last week, I got an opportunity to visit the lively and exuberant tourist destination Hong Kong.

This is prominently famous financial and commercial centre with lots of skyscrapers on global horizon. Hence, discount Hong Kong hotels were not matching with its reputation and it was a big concern for us as we could not afford high prices. Anyway, we did not lost and spent some time on the internet; fortunately we got some online hotel booking websites which were offering all sorts of Hong Kong hotels even on discounted rate. Instantly, we booked the accommodation just close to our destination. We were offered some additional facilities like airport transfer facility and tickets for events and shows. Truly, it was a memorable experience.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Wonderful times at Macau Budget hotels

Macau located at a short distance from Hong Kong, deserves to be on the list whosoever is planning to visit this region. Moreover, Macau has earned a special place for itself after gambling was legalized here and it was listed as World Heritage site of China. Being a small town, Macau still has a wide range hotels in Macau that provide good accommodation options as per the desire and budget of the travelers. Macau budget hotels offer comfortable accommodation and excellent facilities to travelers who are traveling on a budget. It was the first time I was to this place with two of my friends and budget hotels seemed an attractive option. The major attraction for us was the various casinos and for sure, we had a blast. After experiencing the nightlife of the city and the various casinos, we understood why Macau is gambler’s paradise. If nights were fun, the days were spent in visiting the attractions like A-Ma temple, Casa Garden, Guia Fortress, Old Protestant Cemetery, and the Ruins of Saint Paul's Cathedral. For some of the best times when you are on a holiday the accommodation plays an important role and the Macau budget hotels were wonderful, and provided with all the essential facilities more then we had expected.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fabulous times at Macau hotels

My trip to Hong Kong ended with a visit to an ancient city Macau. Macau is a small town but a beautiful area of Hong Kong. I had my Macau hotels booked at the last moment and never faced any problem, with number of accommodation alternatives available. The hotels ranged from five stars to Portuguese-style inns and budget guesthouses, which are easily available but in case of major events and festivals, taking place prior booking becomes necessary. Away from the maddening rush of the city life, Macau was a charming destination, got to see a unique blend of Portuguese and Chinese cultures. During my stay, I enjoyed myself visiting the unique attractions like the ancient temples, churches, fortress, relaxing beaches to modern buildings like the Macau tower. Though a small town, it really needs one’s time and attention and the days I was here passed so fast that I never realized. The Macau hotels I put up in were simple yet comfortable hotel and I had a fabulous time in the hotel and Macau.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Affordable, Comfortable Kowloon hotels

As a frequent traveler I never lookout for a luxurious accommodation but a nice comfortable hotel, providing the essential facilities helps. I visited Hong Kong last month with some of my friends and stayed at the Kowloon hotels. There was a wide choice of hotels and other accommodation options available and one could get a room with ease, but the last minute reservations were difficult. We opted for affordable Kowloon hotels, within our budget and they proved fine, though the rooms were a bit small then usual. The reception of the hotel was impressive and the hotel staff helpful but sometimes language was a problem sometimes. The hotel was not far of from the city’s best-known parts and the shopping streets. The fortune- teller stands a unique feature here is quite interesting. The views of the Victoria were amazing. It was an unforgettable trip to Hong Kong and equally nice Kowloon hotels

Friday, December 21, 2007

Hotels in Kowloon- True to its Reputation

Kowloon is an interesting part of the Hong Kong region and a fantastic destination, which holds all the qualities to make it a wonderful place. The hotels in Kowloon uphold its reputation for being comfortable and satisfying its guests. Having visited Hong Kong earlier too but only on business, I was not able to explore the region. Kowloon seemed an inviting destination and the tourist Mecca of Hong Kong. Booking for hotels here was easy, if done at least a month before. I checked with my travel agent but my wife insisted on getting the hotels in Kowloon online. I left it to her and she was happy, as she was able to get a fantastic deal, with discounts too. Once there even I was very satisfied with the hospitality, services and the staff. The location of the hotel was in close proximity to city’s popular spots Tsim Sha Tsui and Nathan Road and other places. Taking the tour of the star ferry was wonderful, besides paying a visit to Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Space Museum, with a Space Theater and the Kowloon Park was all a worth.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

World Class Hong Kong hotels

This time my visit to Hong Kong was coinciding with my birthday and I took along my wife, though it was a business visit, I had extended my stay. With rooms booked at the world class Hong Kong hotels, I took a taxi direct from the airport to the hotel and there was given a warm welcome. It was my wife’s first ever trip and she was very impressed by the city and the hotel’s hospitality which always stands out. My business took most of time in the day, so I was left with evenings to take my wife out sightseeing. Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps and one feels at ease going on night tours. We enjoyed the famous nightlife and a romantic harbor cruise was a wonderful experience. A popular tourist destination has some of the best hotels, which play an important role in the country’s economy. With all kinds of Hong Kong hotels available to the tourists for leisure or business purposes, accommodation never becomes a problem. Moreover, the hotels here are synonymous with luxury and my wife was very pleased as she was pampered in style, modern comforts and impeccable services.

Top Notch Hotels in Hong Kong

My business always takes me to places but this was my first trip to Hong Kong and landing up at the airport and then a ride to the hotel, made it very clear why the city is such a hot destination. I had my rooms booked in hotels in Hong Kong by my client whom I was visiting. Hong Kong has some of the to notch hotels but until I checked in I was not sure of what kind of hotel has been booked. However, it was one of the first class hotels in Hong Kong, perfect for guests on business and leisure, a friendly atmosphere and I looked forward for a pleasant stay. The room was nice, warm, and very comfortable and importantly it had facilities where in I could use my laptop and log on to the internet. The business meets went off well and after getting free, I went around in the evenings, visited the night markets, attended the spectacular multimedia show ‘The Symphony of Lights’, which was amazing. The city certainly deserved more time then I had so the next time I am here, I plan to spend a lot more time.